Oral Presentation 



Current Issue Topic: "Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future"

For the Long Island Regional Event, Teams will prepare an oral presentation based on the current issue topic; teams are required to create a visual aid for the presentation in the form of a poster board.


Successful teams that move on to the NYS Envirothon will be required to provide a digital version of their presentation in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, saved on a USB flash drive.


  1. The oral presentation scenario will focus on the current environmental issue, as set by the NYS Envirothon.
  2. The oral presentation scenario will be posted on the NYS Envirothon web site at the end of January.
  3. The oral presentations will be judged by professionals from various organizations and agencies selected by the Long Island Envirothon.
  4. All five members MUST participate orally in the presentation. If all five members do not participate orally in the presentation, then their score will be reduced. See Judges scoring.
  5. Oral presentations will be 7-10 minutes in length. A score reduction will be assessed for less than 7 minutes or over 10 minutes.
  6. During the presentation, participants will be notified of the remaining time allotted.
  7. Judges will have a maximum of 5 minutes questioning time.
  8. No electronic equipment will be permitted.
  9. Visual aids are limited to those listed in the rules sent with the problem scenario unless otherwise noted from the Long island Envirothon. As per these rules and regulations, no electronic, battery-powered, or solar powered equipment may be used by or be in the possession of team members during the instructional periods, field testing, oral presentation preparation, or oral presentations unless such equipment is provided by the Long Island Regional Envirothon Committee for use during the competition, and/or approved by the Long Island Regional Envirothon Committee (for example to compensate for a physical or mental disability) prior to the start of the competition. As such, all visual aids for the Oral Presentation portion of the Envirothon must be comprised using Poster Board and other conventional school supplies, and not computer software programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint.
    1.  Students will be allowed to prepare visual aids ONLY.
    2.  ONLY Materials detailed in the Long Island Envirothon Rules can be used. These materials include:
      • 2 - sheets of white poster board (22" x 28")
      • 2 – Sheets of each color of construction paper (9" x 12")
      • 5 – 4 x 6 index cards (one per student used as note cards). All index cards must be hand written. No printed or typed material will be accepted
        *Students may use both sides of the poster, paper, and index cards
        Pens, pencils, markers, paint, crayons, tape, scissors, glue sticks and similar art supplies are permitted.
  10. Oral presentation scores will be based on a criteria sheet approved by Long Island Envirothon. A copy of the scoring sheet will be included with the problem scenario.
  11. Advisors and alternates may view their team’s oral presentation with the permission of the team, but may not assist in any way. Violation of this will result in disqualification.
  12. Competing Teams/Advisors are not allowed to observe other presentations.

    Oral Presentation Notes:

    Students will be allowed to prepare visual aids. ONLY materials contained in the visual aids packet that teams receive after their local competition can be used. Students may use both sides of the poster board, construction paper, and index cards