What Is An Envirothon?

The Envirothon is an environmental studies competition for high school students from Nassau and Suffolk County. The primary goal of the Envirothon is to learn about the natural environment we live in so as to become stewards of the land.  In preparation for the event, students develop research skills, practice team building, and gain an appreciation for consensus decision making.


The completion tests teams knowledge on 5 environmental disciplines: Aquatics, Forestry, Soils, Wildlife, and a Current Issue (which changes annually). In past years, the current issue has covered topics such as: agricultural preservation, invasive species, non-point source pollution, wildlife management, wetlands, biodiversity, alternative and renewable energy, etc. Prior to the event, high school students form five-member teams who work together to complete the exams. The exams are multiple choice, developed by regional experts and designed to test on each of the 5 subject areas. In addition to the exams, teams also give a 5-minute oral presentation on a problem solving scenario related to the year's current issue topic.

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Winners of Long Island Regional Envirothon will move on to take part in the Statewide Regional Event.  The testing days will vary by regions (Nassau and Suffolk County are region 5)  on a set day that week to be determined after registration deadline.

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The Envirothon Committee has carefully developed the program's learning objectives. They correlate with the New York State Department of Education's Learning Standards in the areas of Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. With the education tools provided, students aspire to an advanced level of understanding about their natural surroundings. They reveal their knowledge through utilization of their research and evaluation abilities, while expanding their decision making and problem-solving skills.  The Envirothon was developed by a former NYC Soil & Water Conservation District Environmental Educator, Karlee Yurek, for her thesis. 


The Sachem North Envirothon team recieved proclamations from the Suffolk County Legislature for their accomplishments on the state level in May. They were 6th out of 50+ teams representing counties across New York.